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10 happy secrets of Mike Rashid’s Diet

Mike-Rashids diet
Mike-Rashids diet

Mike Rashid’s Diet

How get Mike Rashid’s Diet

Mike Rashid is a lot of things, including powerlifter, bodybuilder, and
professional boxer. In addition to his physical gains, this monster has also
gained a huge number of views on Mike Rashid’s Diet YouTube channel.
This man has conquered incredible difficulty, which he has disclosed in his
story to inspire people to realize that anyone can win his battles with
exercises. Here we want to discuss this great man’s exercise schedule, diet,
and supplements:
But before that, let’s check out who we want to model after.
Mike Rashid’s current Stats are:
• Height: 180 cm – 5’11”
• Weight: 93 – 102.1 kg – (215 – 225 pounds)
• Age: 38


Mike Rashid’s Diet we’re about to discuss is a fitness figure in natural Bodybuilding,
as well as a “Figure and Bikini Championships” Winner (2010).

During his boxing years, Mike won the “National golden gloves” twice. He
was the champ of “WBFF Pro Power Bodybuilder.” Other than those, he
took an interest in events such as World Las Vegas, “EPFNB Michigan
Challenge of Grand Rapids,” Bikini and physique championships, Fitness,
Figure, and NPC Michigan Bodybuilding, and so forth.

He won in the “NPC Flint/Mid-Michigan Natural Bodybuilding” as well as
the Bikini championships, Figure, and Fitness competitions.

Mike Rashid is a renowned American VIP with total assets estimated at $ 4 000 000
 (in December 2020). The greater part of his pay came from his
boxing life prize cash and supports. He earned from sales of his eBooks and
perspectives. Downloads his YouTube videos are also part of the cake.
The champion also has some top tier automobiles like the Lamborghini,
Mercedes G63 and S550 series, and so forth.

This expert resides in Los Angeles.

Mike Rashid’s Diet is famous among them who need to get an all-around designed body.
Having a standard family, Mike has set himself up as a fruitful athlete just
as a finance manager. Mike has gotten the beat of the adolescents expertly.
His polished skill and vision have made him what he is. He offers exercises
on how to keep a serene brain alternately. Numerous individuals learn from
this man on a daily. In his expert life, he chooses his proverb that is to
remain solid, strong, and utilitarian for a huge time.

Mike Rashid’s Workout Routine

Mike Rashid has tremendous energy for exercise, and he tries to play out
the correct schedules for his physical make-up.
He gets a kick out of the chance to add basic activities to his style. When he
prepares, he jumps at the opportunity to stretch the boundaries to the
Mike Rashid typically lifts heavy and does cardio practices every day. He
additionally prefers to swim, climb, and to cut woods.
All in all, he makes a point to save a degree of focus in boosting his
functionality and strength. He ensures that his body is working for an
extensive period. Checkout Rashid’s exercise schedule

Chest Workout

On Mike Rashid’s chest plan, he performs four unique exercises with an
average of four sets in 8-12 reps. From the numbers he does, you can tell
that he puts his bulk to good use.
Here is the chest routine:
1. “Barbell bench press” (four sets in 6-10 reps)
2. “Incline bench machine” (four sets in 8-12 reps)
3. “Incline dumbbell press” (four sets in 8-12 reps)
4. “Incline dumbbell press” (five sets to failure)

Back Workout

Everyone needs a strong back and Rashid puts a lot of energy in working on
that particular body part. You should do the same.
Here is Mike Rashid’s exercise for the back:
1. “Weighted pull-up using chains” (four sets in 8-10 reps)
2. “Seated cable row with rope” (four sets in 8-12 reps)
3. “Plate loaded incline T-bar row” (four sets in 8-12 reps)
4. “Seated close grip pulldown” (four sets in 10-12 reps)

Shoulder Workout

Rashid hits as much as 6 distinct exercises. Six routines thoroughly
designed to help you develop the most formidable shoulder possible. This is
something you ought to try out.
1. “Twofold rep barbell clean” (four sets in 5 reps)
2. “Barbell upright row” (four sets in 8-10 reps)
3. “Dumbbell lateral raise” (four sets in 12 reps)
4. “Bent over reverse fly” (three sets in 15 reps)
5. “Superset with dumbbell shrug” (three sets in 20 reps)
6. “Single-arm dumbbell press” (three sets to failure)

Leg Workout

In his leg schedule, Mike hits 5 distinct activities. These exercises will help
you build a strong legs that’ll carry your body. You can see the results from
Rashid’s pictures.
1. “Barbell squat” (five sets in 6-12 reps)
2. “Single leg press” (four sets in 10-12 reps)
3. “Hack squat” (four sets in 8-10 reps)
4. “Dumbbell stiff leg deadlift” (four sets in 12 reps)
5. “Seated leg extension” (three sets to failure)
Cardio Workout
Mike Rashid also takes a day off like most bodybuilders. During this time,
he gets a kick out of focusing on a ton of distinctive cardio activities. i.e., a

Mike Rashid’s Diet

Regarding Mike Rashid’s eating regimen, he enjoys variety in ensuring that
his body functions for a more extended timeframe.
Rashid believes that if you need to pick up and keep up your bulk, you need
to ensure that you take all the essential vitamins and nutrients.
His eating routine can appear to be unique if he’s fasting or not. Here is
Mike Rashid’s eating routine:
1. Breakfast: Oatmeal
2. Lunch: Salad, Sweet potatoes
3. Supper: Oven-heated vegetables
Mike Rashid consumes the supplements listed below to help fuel his gains:
• Fat Burner
Mike Rashid is viewed as numerous things, for example, a wellness model,
previous expert fighter, power developer, online master, and business
person. He is notable for having a conditioned body.



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